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Akzo Nobel

AKZO NOBEL is one of the largest manufacturers of paints, dyes, synthetic resins and other products of construction chemicals for private, professional and industrial use. The main office of the concern is located in the Dutch city of Arnhem, and the concern’s enterprises, which employ more than 70 thousand people, operate in more than 50 countries, and Ukraine is one of them. AKZO NOBEL owns the world-famous brand “Sadolin”, and also “Pinotex”, “Hammerite”. These products are manufactured in factories in Sweden, Germany, Estonia and Finland. Products of the concern are delivered to Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic countries from the Estonian plant AKZO NOBEL — ES SADOUN AS. The materials of AKZO NOBEL are of high quality, cost-effective and reliable in operation. All products undergo a three-step quality control in factory and laboratory conditions. All products have been tested in the harsh climate of the Scandinavian countries. The Ukrainian representative office of the world manufacturer of paint and varnish products AKZO NOBEL has been working in Kyiv since 1997. All materials of the concern are certified in Ukraine and meet accepted quality standards.

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