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We are ready for the work challenges of 2023. We entered it stronger, more experienced and more professional. Reach us! Let’s achieve something great!



Awards, export, war

Despite the 2nd year of war in Ukraine we`ve finished 2023 with great results. Dozens of web dev, design and production projects are done. For the first time we`ve received an international web award. Our websites won 7 national awards as well. Projects for foreign clients exceeded 60% of our turnover - our contribution to the economy of Ukraine and to the joint victory. Meanwhile in the world the 2023 has become the year of AI for many people, it`s breakthroughs were very fast.

Stand with Ukraine

24 Feb 2022 the PUSH-K Solutions team woke up by missile attack on Kyiv. Moscovia attacked Ukraine, brought war to our life. Destroyed cities, hundreds of thousands of broken fates. We are in Kyiv, united as never before. Ukraine stranded up in 2022, the struggle for victory goes on, the shame of moskovia was seen by the whole world. All our projects were in safe, and we received 7 web awards also. We have not stopped and will keep moving.



Remotely and professionally

Web dev., design, ad campaigns, successes and challenges.. Lot of amazing projects, as always, but this year it was remotely for our team. 3 top web awards, expertise in 3D design, developed and launched a large online store, ad portal, online boat configurator and several other cool projects. Meanwhile, 175k moscovite troops have gathered at Ukraine’s borders. New virus strains appeared in the world and electric car boom changed market.

E-commerce, more web

Full cycle of big e-commerce projects web development, global payment systems integration, user accounts and order management design. Our web products have achieved new technological level. Advertising campaigns. Lots of designs and production for web, advertising and marketing. Meanwhile, COVID-19 attacked humanity all over the world and Ukraine. Agency has taken this challenge and saved the team.




Fantastic quantity of projects. Dozens of web sites. Web production achieved new level. Awards at developer contests. Over hundred designs: logos, identity, localization, web. 2 international manufacturing projects (NL - expo, PL - tv). National advertising campaigns. The presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine. The humanity got the picture of black hole thanks to Event Horizon Telescope project.


Kyiv city hall award for design support. Government-business roundtables on communication strategies. Lot of websites created, got into TOP-3 of National website developers ranking. Cool design, marketing and advertising projects were done. New TV-sceneries was developed for European clients. Support of UEFA Champions League final in Kyiv. Meanwhile it was 5th year of the defensive war against Moskovia in UA and 8K TV broadcast was launched (NHK, Japan) in the world.




Foreign business trips. Sending to the Europe 3 trucks with sceneries for TV, created by us on a turn-key basis. The first web sites for foreign clients. The series of national promo campaigns of big brands. This agency site version 3.0. Meanwhile the European Union and Ukraine signed an agreement on visa-free border crossing, and the world was covered with crypto currency hype, the cost of Bitcoin has exceeded $ 19,5 thousand.


General event contractor of the 18th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry (Kyiv, Ukraine) – several-day event, delegates from around the world. The first manufacturing orders from European companies. Meanwhile Space X managed to land Falcon 9 on the floating platform, making the space closer to us.




The start of partnership with foreign clients, the first international contracts. Adaptation of world advertising artworks, texts, videos for Ukraine and neighboring countries. Voluntary radical increase of tax payments to government. This year Amazon celebrated 20 years, the way from web bookstore to a world web retail leader with a market capitalization at $ 245 billion. Microsoft released Windows 10.


The first web sites for clients was developed. The flow of SMM orders. Event industry stopped – the war, the aggression of russia, the occupation of 7% Ukrainian territory with 13% of the population. The tragic period of the history of Ukraine. Meanwhile in the world Facebook buys WhatsApp for $ 14 billion, and Google's market capitalization reached $ 400 billion.




The large series of projects of organizing the participation of clients in the top exhibitions of Ukraine. The first project for Slando, which then did not become OLX yet. Moving to a new website version 2.0. The same time IPO Twitter took place, the service was estimated at $ 14.2 billion. In Ukraine peaceful protests of citizens turned into the Revolution of Dignity.


The series of advertising and event projects during Euro2012, UEFA European Championship held jointly by Ukraine and Poland. The great event for 1500+ guests in the largest exhibition pavilion of Ukraine for TAS|Group. This year Facebook reached 1 billion users and bought Instagram for $ 1 billion, and the global world Internet sales reached $ 1 trillion.




Agency launched Internet marketing service. Advertising campaigns in the global network. Mastered all web promotion tools – from SEO to work with bloggers. The series of large events for leading companies. National BTL projects. The first home test, hall test researches (when FMCG products are tested by consumers). Meanwhile Microsoft bought Skype for $ 8.5 billion.


Client conferences and events in all regional centers of Ukraine (24) and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (1). The first national BTL project for Panasonic brand, which started long-term partnership. The same year Instagram was born – in October it became possible to download Instagram from App Store.




Marketing researches was added to list of agencies services. Our first quantitative and qualitative research of linear retail in Ukraine. The first projects for Castrol, the global brand of lubricants. This year the world was affected by great economic crisis, and the Internet celebrated its 40th anniversary.


The victory in the first big tender for event thanks to the idea of holographic teleportation during the show. Formation of the agency Regional Representatives network allover Ukraine, it is active now. The first national trade-marketing project for TM CLUB4PAWS from KORMOTEH. Our first website 1.0. Meanwhile the world got Chrome Web browser, HTML5, App Store and Android 1.0 for mobile devises.




The story of PUSH-K Solutions began in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was times of massive BTL projects. The event industry was entering a new level of management and multimedia technologies integration. This year Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone, and Facebook celebrated 3 years with just 58 million subscribers.


Welcome to the website of the advertising agency PUSH-K Solutions. If you are looking for a reliable partner, you found it, congratulations.


The office of the advertising agency is located in Kyiv and filled with the most talented people of Ukraine, creating and implementing effective solutions for business. The range of agency services is wide but each service is proved by the completed projects.


The agency was founded in 2007. We started with offline projects, so our positions here are classically strong – there is an active structure of regional representatives allover Ukraine, the team includes experienced project managers who can build the work of the staff. The BTL services market was very competitive in 2007, but now digital communications have narrowed it, so it is difficult to find a truly professional agency – they are few, we are among them.


Since 2011 we have been providing Internet advertising. We have experience, achievements, statistics, know-how, specialists and understanding of tools, processes. Now in this sphere our possibilities are unlimited –  the advertising agency PUSH-K Solutions will always find the solution to the most difficult task of Internet promotion.


In 2014 we started creating websites. Even then this market was extremely competitive, but we were successful – today this division is a real web studio with a full web production cycle. Our web sites are regularly top-rated by national rankings of site developers. Marketing and advertising skills* are our key advantages in the niche of websites development. We create working solutions for business, not just websites. *We are the advertising agency after all.


PUSH-K Solutions has always been involved in organizing events for large companies. Event market has always attracted us for two reasons. The first – the creation of a major event requires resources, which we already have. The second – only when developing an event-concept creative is unlimited, in contrast to  marketing projects, where frames always exist. The agency took part in the UEFA Champions League final match organization (Kyiv, 2018). For 10+ years in the industry our team has gained tremendous experience in event project management – these guys are now at your service too.


Agency always provided design service, it is impossible to calculate the number of completed designs. Design and production are an integral part of our work. We even received official thanks from the Kyiv government for creative and design support in 2018, our artworks were all over the city. As well we constantly manufacture, create something and are drawn into non-standard production projects. Our BTL and event roots allow us besides souvenirs, printing, clothes etc., to create truly exclusive stands and grandiose sceneries with level of television projects. We have exported and installed over 10 tv studio sceneries (decorations) for European clients.


As of 2024, PUSH-K Solutions is an experienced digital agency focused on the development of exclusive websites, design, production, Internet advertising and implementation of communication campaigns in Ukraine and abroad. Despite the war in Ukraine, we did not stop and passed 2022 and 2023 years with high performance and achievements. We`ve implemented dozens of complex projects. For the first time, we`ve received an international award for the developed web site, and our works also won 14 national awards for last 2 years. Most of our clients is international global companies operating worldwide and successful Ukrainian business.


All the above-mentioned directions are accompanied not only by pro project management, but also by competent legal, financial and accounting support. For the clients of the advertising agency which conduct advertising campaigns with a gift fund this is our most important advantage. For foreign clients we have mastered all the subtleties of money transaction, forms of international agreements and even the organization of logistics, exports and imports of goods. We pay taxes and do not cast a shadow on our clients at the regulatory bodies.


You can find more about the work of the advertising agency PUSH-K Solutions in the Portfolio section –the filter system will help you to find our works most suitable to your business purposes. You can always just call us or write.

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